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Catalin Tircolea's 20th album SYNVIONAI will be released soon!

Profil componistic Cătălin Tîrcolea – compilaţie – Antologia Muzicii Româneşti, CD 10 – ©2018 Uniunea Compozitorilor şi Muzicologilor din România

A compilation of the trilogy “SYNVIONAI”.

Life as a Sound – ©2018 C. Tircolea Productions – Performer, composer, arranger, producer

Synvionai 3 – ©2013 C.Tircolea Productions – Performer, Composer, Arranger, Producer

The third volume of the trilogy “SYNVIONAI”.


Albumul poate fi procurat de la:

şi de pe orice platforma iTunes începând cu data de 1 noiembrie.

Alter Ego 3, 2012, Tircolea Production – Composer, Arranger, Producer

The third volume of the “ALTER EGO” project initiated in 1998, the 21st album in artist’s discography has been released in 2012. Among guests: Macke, Nico, Berti Barbera, Simona Nae and others.


Iata doi pasi simpli pt cei care vor sa downlodeze albumul, sau piese separate.
1. Trebuie sa instalati programul iTunes care este gratuit.
2. Dupa ce l-ati instalat, deschideti-l si faceti click pe iTunes Store. In dreapta sus la Search Store, scrieti alter ego 3.

Albumul exista si pe alte platforme iTunes precum: Spotify, 24-7, Nokia, Wimp, sau Basepoint.


Here are two easy steps to download the whole album, or separate tracks:
1. Install iTunes programe (freeware!)
2. After install, open it and click on iTunes Store. In the upright corner at Search Store, type alter ego 3.
The album can be found on other iTunes platformes as well, such as: Spotify, 24-7, Nokia, Wimp, or Basepoint.

Synvionai II, 2010, E-media – Soloist, Composer, Arranger, Producer

The second volume of the awarded album “Synvionai” , this time released by E-media.


Synvionai, 2007, Electrecord – Soloist, Composer, Arranger, Producer

Synvionai has been awarded in 2008 with The Union of Romanian Composers and Musicians prize for “Best jazz album of the year 2007”.



The Essence of Panflute, 2006, Canira – DVD Sample Sounds

The first real and comprehensive panflute sample sounds volume. A “world premiere” of a kind, making C. Tircolea, actually, the first “virtual” musician of the pan flute.


EZ4U, 2005, Electrecord – Soloist, Arranger, Producer

A continuation of the Alter Ego Project started in 1998, EZ4U is a musical “update” played in various styles like: hip-hop, r&b, latin jazz, crossover jazz, jazz funk, etc. of famous jazz standards like: What Is This Thing Called Love – Cole Porter, Aqua De Beber – A. C. Jobim, or It Don’t Mean A Thing – D. Ellington, among others.

Guests: Nico, Ioana Hartescu, Berti Barbera, Sorin Romanescu, Florin Ochescu, Cristian Soleanu, etc..



Standards, 2003 – Soloist, Arranger, Producer

A world premiere. For the first time in the history of music, famous jazz standards played by panflute.


Mas Que Nada.mp3

Alter Ego – X-treme, 1998, Zone Records (Polygram) – Composer, Arranger, Producer

Starting a new project called “Alter Ego”. Music by C. Tircolea. Guests: Silvia Dumitrescu, Berti Barbera, Teodora Enache, Florin Ochescu, etc..



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